Baseball gloves are absolutely similar to sneakers, as you will find that certain gloves work better with specific players and you may have a specific type of fit which you will discover is the most comfy. Every participant has their specifications in regards to naming the best baseball gloves, especially if you’re somebody who plays the game regularly instead of casually.

As soon as you end up looking to update your existing baseball gear or if you’re buying your children their first gloves, think about these five excellent products.

Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

1. Franklin Sports Field Master Series Glove

Franklin Sports is known for many pieces of athletic equipment, but their gloves are arguably among the safest and most protective you can get your hands on. The Franklin Sports Field Master Series Glove is available in multiple sizes ranging from ten inches to two inches and for left- and right-handed throwers.

Product Highlights

The Key features of the Franklin Sports Field Master Series Glove that you will appreciate include:

  • Premium synthetic leather construction: In a bid to make the glove more affordable and similar to genuine leather, it is constructed using high-quality premium synthetic leather. You’ll be able to benefit from the durability of regular leather without needing to break the glove in over a long duration.
  • Adjustable Contour Fit System: The Contour Fit System is a terrific way to make sure that your baseball glove receives the fit it needs, since you’ll be able to personalize the fit of the thumb for greater grip.
  • Pre-made hand-formed pocket: This is particularly beneficial for kids, as the pre-made hand-formed pocket at the hands of the glove which makes it easier to capture balls with the family or even playing t-ball with friends. For adults, you’ll appreciate the way the pocket makes it considerably easier to catch pop fly in the outfield.

What’s to like about the Franklin Sports Field Master Series Glove

The main thing which you will appreciate about this glove is that it comes semi-game ready, compared to other gloves which will want a great deal of attention and love to be broken into. We also discovered the Franklin Sports Field Master Series Glove was a fantastic fit for children of all ages, and with the added plus of the pre-made hand-formed pocket, grabbing balls was simpler even for someone who had never played baseball before.

Another benefit is that the glove is rather easy to keep clean, especially as it is constructed from synthetic leather, as you won’t have to worry about oiling it making sure it stays clean following a game of catch.

What is not to enjoy about the Franklin Sports Field Master Series Glove

The most significant criticism that we have with the Franklin Sports Field Master Series Glove is the simple fact that it was simply quite tight when bigger hands were wearing the glove, particularly in the event that you rely upon the dimensions that you would ordinarily wear along with other gloves. Additionally, it is quite disappointing the artificial leather doesn’t mimic the look or texture of conventional leather, so until you’ve had sufficient time to wear the glove in, it’s an inauthentic glossy finish.


  • Easily Matches children’s Palms
  • Makes it easy to grab balls
  • Requires less maintenance


  • Too tight for larger hands
  • Synthetic leather looks inexpensive

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2. Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove

There is a reason as to why plenty of professional baseball players rely upon Rawlings Gloves for the big league, and the Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove is not any different, particularly if you’re searching for a glove that will help improve your child’s performance and skills. Available in four sizes (nine to 11.5 inches) and for both right- and – left handed players, this is only one of those lightest eyeglasses to take under consideration.

Product Highlights

The most sensational highlights of the Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove comprise:

  • Enhanced soft shell: The whole casing of the glove is intended to be easier for children to use, particularly if your kids find it tough to keep different gloves closed. Together with the enhanced pliability of the outer shell and the soft basket webbing inside of the glove, players will be able to focus more on the game rather than if they will have the ability to keep their glove closed or not.
  • Extra soft inside lining: To make the Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove more comfortable to wear for hours, the added soft liner is vital for making the glove feel smooth against _skin. With that _said, it is supposed not to encourage slippage or motion when secured on the wrist.
  • Included training ball: If you’re searching for a glove which comes with nearly everything you want right out of the box, this is the one for you, since you’ll receive not just the glove but also a molded PU training chunk.
  • Factory broken-in: As yet another extra bonus, the Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove arrives completely broken in by the mill so that it’s game prepared and may be thrown on a couple of minutes before your children head out onto the area.

What’s to like about the Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove

The first thing you’re guaranteed to notice about the glove is that it delivers the same high-quality look and feel as more expensive Rawling products, which adds to its durability and reliability. We also found that the glove was incredibly simple for younger children to carry on and off on their own, in addition to adjust as needed.

Above all, you will be able to enjoy the softness of the leather and the tightness of the laces that make it a lot easier to catch fly balls without stressing too much about closing the glove.

What is not to like about the Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove

Concerning creating an adjustable fit, this specific baseball glove doesn’t give you much of an option that’s the reason why it’s essential to get the ideal size before purchasing. There is an adjustable lace included on the glove, but the lace is quite short which limits the amount of customization your children will have.

It’s also important to note that the Rawlings Players Series Youth T-Ball Glove is not the ideal glove for beginners, especially if you’re looking for one which will do all the work for your participant. There’ll need to be some effort put into maintaining the glove closed, and that’s why it’s recommended for children who have an notion of how baseball or baseball t-ball is played.


  • Appears high-quality and fresh
  • Feels genuine and soft
  • Easy for kids to wear without help


  • Sizing is essential
  • Limited customization or adjustability
  • List Element

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3. Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove

Not every kid is interested in a glove that’s bright and gaudy, and that’s why we love the many trendy choices with all the Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove, as you can choose from bright and exceptional colors or traditional colors. As a exceptional baseball glove with loads of features designed to make it much easier to use, this might be among those better gloves for novices.

Product Highlights

The main features of the Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove which make it an excellent Selection for youth players include:

  • Full-grain leather casing: Instead of trying to break in faux leather, you and your children will enjoy the full-grain leather shell that is soft to the touch yet quite durable for several seasons’ worth of play. Moreover, the full-grain leather adds a more real appeal to the glove that can make your kid a lot more inclined to wish to use it to every game.
  • Integrated Power Close technologies: As a patented technology which you’ll just find in Mizuno gloves, the Power Close technician is perfect for making it much easier to close the glove and keep the glove closed. This means that your kids can pay more attention to where the ball is, instead of whether they will have the ability to close their glove or never.
  • Power Lock wrist strap: Adjustability is crucial, especially amongst youth players who are continuously growing. With the support of this fully adjustable Power Lock wrist strap, your kids will feel as if their glove is an expansion of their body rather than a hefty piece of gear.
  • ButterSoft palm liner: There is nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable glove to the entirety of this game, particularly if your children have especially sweaty palms. With the combo of this MZO lining and the ButterSoft palm liner, comfort is one of the main things which will make you enjoy the Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove.

What’s to like about the Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove

What we love the most about the glove is its general design, as it’s classified as a utility glove which can be used by both infielders and outfielders. Above any other benefit, the thing your kids are sure to notice immediately is your Power Close technologies, as it will enhance their throwing and capturing proportions after wearing it for one game.

Moreover, the Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove is the type of glove that will last through years of wear and tear and only looks and operates better.

What is not to like about the Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove

The significant downfall to the glove is the fact that it does not arrive completely broken in, particularly for kids with smaller hands, and that means you’ll need to think about conditioning and oiling the glove to make it more flexible. You might also find that the general weight of the glove might be too hefty for smaller players, especially when they’ve never wore a baseball glove before.


  • Crafted with amazing materials
  • Withstands a Whole Lot of wear and tear
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • Adjustability is questionable
  • May need to be broken in

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4. Wilson A360 Youth Baseball Glove

As a classic brand that has surely made their name in the sport sector, the Wilson A360 Youth Baseball Glove is a glove which most beginner baseball players have used previously, especially in regards to throwing the ball around with the household.

Product Highlights

The main features of this Wilson A360 Youth Baseball Glove include:

  • Pigskin palm and webbing: The principal issue that kids may have with baseball gloves is the inability to shut them and keep them closed that is why the Wilson A360 Youth Baseball Glove offers a pigskin palm and webbing that is thicker to the touchscreen. Additionally, it gives children the ability to experience the real feeling of an authentic baseball glove before upgrading their equipment.
  • Hook and loop adjustments: Using a more traditional approach to ensuring the glove fits perfectly in their hands, you will have the ability to take advantage of the hook and loop adjustments to secure the glove for the entire game.

What’s to like about the Wilson A360 Youth Baseball Glove

The Wilson A360 Youth Baseball Glove is quite basic in its design, which can be one of the principal reasons why you’re love it for your kids, especially since you won’t have to worry about a variety of flexible features or innovative technologies.

If you are out there for the type of glove that is user friendly and gives your kids the capacity to play catch with all the family in the garden, this is the correct version for you.

What is not to enjoy about the Wilson A360 Youth Baseball Glove

Regrettably, even though this baseball glove is simple to use, it’s also not built to be as durable as the other models included on this list. We discovered that after a few games of capture, the glove is guaranteed to wear away from the hands and in addition, it performs badly in regular season playwith.
Both the exterior casing along with the webbing will begin to deteriorate which will lead to plenty of harm.


  • Great for casual Drama
  • Useful teaching tool for kids
  • Very basic and simple attributes


  • Poor quality
  • Will deteriorate over time

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5. Louisville Slugger 125 Series Baseball Glove

If you are a fan of baseball, then you’ve definitely heard of Louisville Slugger, and this glove catches mostly everything that you would expect from a normal everyday baseball glove.

Similar to this Wilson glove, the Louisville Slugger 125 Series gives you the ability to teach your kids the ins and outs of baseball with dependable equipment. However, this glove can also be game-ready.

Product Highlights

The best features of the Louisville Slugger 125 Series Baseball Glove include:

  • Available for left- and – right-handers: As with nearly all the gloves with this list, you might discover this glove is readily available for both right- and – left-handed throwers, making it easier to get the right variation for the way you play.
  • Soft leather construction: If you’re looking for the authentic feel of a baseball glove, you will love the soft leather used to construct the outer shell of the glove. You’ll also find that the soft leather provides you the capacity to minimize the amount of break-in time it will require, especially when in comparison to other manufacturers available on the market.

What’s to like about the Louisville Slugger 125 Series Baseball Glove

When you first put on the glove, you’ll find that it’s a lot more lightweight than other gloves you might have tried, which can be quite advantageous for some players. It’s also shaped well, which makes it easier to accommodate to the grooves of the hands so the glove has a more customized fit.

What’s not to enjoy about the Louisville Slugger 125 Series Baseball Glove

Even though this baseball glove is still very lightweight, in addition, it means that it has less padding than other gloves on the marketplace that doesn’t make it the perfect partner for somebody who has quite delicate hands.

You are also going to have to take pruning into consideration, as the Louisville Slugger 125 Series Baseball Glove isn’t intended particularly for adult or youth players, which means you’ll need to make sure it will easily fit your hand.


  • Feels soft
  • Very lightweight and thin
  • Shaped very well


  • Not recommended for big hands
  • Doesn’t have many features

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Searching for the ideal baseball glove is something that takes just a bit of patience and time, especially if you’re the kind of player who has particular qualifications that need to be met.

There are several distinct aspects that you are likely to have to take under advisement before settling on the right glove for casual or normal play and these features will make certain that you’ve got the perfect glove available.

1. Types

Looking for the right sort of baseball glove is as straightforward as figuring out the place that you will be playing, as the different kinds of gloves are designed with advantages for certain positions. There are five types of baseball gloves including pitcher gloves, catcher’s mitts, first baseman’s gloves, infielder’s gloves, and outfielder’s gloves.

  • Pitcher’s glove: In the majority of scenarios, the pitcher will have the ability to use relatively any kind of infielder glove they want, but you’re going to want to be sure that you opt for a glove with closed webbing. That is because one of the primary tasks of pitchers is to deceive batters using their pitches, and therefore, you will want to make sure your hand is concealed while setting your grip.
  • Catcher’s mitt: Outside of all sorts of baseball gloves, you’ll find that the catcher’s mitt is going to have a really unique appearance as it’s designed to offer excellent protection against concessions over 100 mph. You might find that these gloves are quite larger and also have far more padding than any other glove.
  • First baseman’s glove: You may think that the first baseman can utilize an infielder’s glove, but they’re actually quite different. As a first baseman, your glove will be bigger, and it likely will not have holes. Another difference is the fact that it will have a more scooped look, as you’ll be responsible for pursuing balls which fall into the dirt.
  • Infielder’s glove: This is by far the most frequent type of baseball glove you’ll find, and they are typically the very lightweight and tiniest gloves because infielders might need to move very quickly and be able to make split decisions. Based on your specific position, you might have a more diminutive infielder’s glove; for example, second basemen have the smallest glove from infielders.
  • Outfielder’s glove: When compared to other players, the outfielders will have more gloves to provide players a greater chance of catching fly balls and improving their range if chasing a hit.

2. Size

Another critical aspect to take into careful consideration when searching for a baseball glove is how big is the glove you need. This is because if a glove is too big, it is going to slip around rather than give you the trustworthy reach which you want and a glove that’s too small simply won’t fit over your hand.

With the majority of manufacturers, they offer a sizing guide depending on the period of the glove along with the size of your hands. In most cases, youth players will require a glove that drops under 11 inches and adults should start looking into gloves which are 12 or more inches.

3. Materials

There are loads of different substances used to make baseball gloves and finding the best one is based on personal preference.

Some players prefer using a glove made from genuine leather due to its durability and the way that it feels after it’s broken in, but parents of younger kids might want to spend on synthetic leather that’s intended to last a long period with minimal maintenance. Typically, you will have the ability to find gloves made out of cowhide, pigskin, and PU leather.

4. Glove Quality

Similar to finding the right material to satisfy your own demands, the total quality of baseball gloves has a lot to do with the materials used to assemble it. In most cases, the costlier the glove is, the more it’s going to last, which is an excellent index to understand whether your gear will hold up after a few seasons of use.

You are also going to want to adhere to comparatively known brands, as they’re popular for a reason and construct some of the business’s best baseball gear.

5. Weight

Weight is something which is extremely significant, particularly if you’re looking for a glove that is going to feel like an extension of your body. In most cases, you are likely to want to elect for a glove that easily adjusts itself to your hands and doesn’t feel overly dull or heavy, as it may hurt your arm and hands at a faster rate.

It is advised that you try on a number of different baseball gloves before you can get an notion of what weight is best for you.

6. Brand

As previously mentioned, baseball gloves are just one product in which the brand will issue, as more renowned brands such as Rawlings and Louisville Slugger are likely to have superior products when compared to lesser known brands.

Mizuno, Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, and Franklin Sports are just four great name brands that are utilized by professional players around the world.

Best Baseball Gloves FAQs

1. How to Measure a Baseball Glove?

To quantify a baseball glove, all you need is a flexible tape measure and a couple seconds. For an accurate measurement, you should measure from the surface of the index finger down to the heel of the glove, making sure you follow the shape of the palm.

2. What Size Baseball Glove Do I Need?

Quite like how you would quantify your baseball glove, before deciding on the right size on your hand, you’re likely to need to quantify your catching hand too. Follow the same steps as above to give a measurement in inches and then _select a glove that’s nearest to the size of your hands and if you fall in between two measurements, it is better to size up than down.

3. How Can a Baseball Glove Fit?

When you’re looking for the ideal baseball glove fit, you will easily have the ability to tell when you’ve found the right size to your hand because it’s going to just feel perfect. Ideally, a baseball glove should fit snugly on your hand and wrist with no prospect of slipping and sliding.

With that _said, your hand also should not feel like it is being suffocated from the glove, as this means you have chosen a size which may be slightly too little.

4. How to Flare a Baseball Glove?

Flaring is generally something which players do if they wish to grow the catching surface of their glove, and also to flare your glove, then all you’ve got to do is push the index finger from the thumb on the glove. It’s strongly suggested you do this regularly, holding the position up to a minute every time so that you can achieve the ideal flare.

5. How to Put on a Baseball Glove?

The very first thing you are going to have to do when figuring out how to wear a baseball glove is decide which hand you plan on catching with. Now, you will be able to choose whether you want a correct – or left-handed glove, and then you gently slide the glove onto your hand.

Depending on the kind of glove you have, you might observe an adjustable Velcro strap, which can be used to _secure the glove to a wrist to get a more customized fit.

Our Final Recommendation

It’s time to decide on the ideal baseball glove on your playing style, and out of the five versions which we mentioned, the Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove is likely to be the best glove we have gotten our hands on. Does it have an ample amount of advanced features, but it also offers the most comfortable fit for starting, intermediate, and professional gamers.

That which we love the most about the Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove is the Power Close technology that produces the glove easier to shut, especially while on the long run. Your kids will also love the inside ButterSoft lining that takes away the possibility of chafing or discomfort when wearing the glove for quite a while.

Having an authentic look and exceptionally soft leather casing, the Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove is one of those top-tier baseball gloves in the world which you could use to your advantage.

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