Being excited to purchase your first baseball glove is something which several individuals have experienced in their lifetime, but you probably know that the glove will not be prepared to use right out of the box. 

Even gloves which are intended to be game-ready from the manufacturer might be too stiff for some gamers, which leads one to think about all of the various techniques to break in your own glove.

The preferable way is steaming, but it can be frowned upon in the event that you don’t do it properly that’s where this guide to learning how to steam a baseball glove in your home will become handy. Rather than paying somebody to steam your glove to you, these methods can enable you to do it on your own.

Microwaving with Water

First of all, before you consider using this method of steaming your glove is imperative that you hunt for any metallic fittings that might be on the glove, such as metal grommets. The very last thing you’re going to need to do is put anything on your microwave that has metal, as it’s likely to destroy it and likely cause a flame.

Microwaving baseball gloves is something which professional and rec players frequently do since it helps to soften the leather and get your glove ready in under two minutes.

Measure 1:

Once you’ve confirmed that there’s no metal anywhere in your glove, put it under tap water for one to two minutes and then allow the water to seep in the glove.

Measure 2:

Put it in the microwave for 70 minutes and allow the heat and the water to make gentle steam that’s going to loosen the leather.

Step 3:

Employing a baseball, glove mallet, or a couple of games of catch, make certain that you form the pocket of the glove and move your hands around to ensure that the glove may mould to the shape of the hand.


Microwaving your baseball glove should be done with caution, as intense heat is one of the main ways for the leather of your glove to deteriorate faster.

Using Hot Water

Instead of placing your glove in the microwave, then you may just rely on hot water to help soften the leather, while there are a couple _steps afterward you’ll have to do as well to make sure you preserve the integrity of the glove.

Measure 1:

Collect water between 150 and 170 degrees and put it over the regions of your glove which you find will be the stiffest.

Measure 2:

While the glove is still wet, flex the rigid areas of the glove, paying close attention to the fingers and the palms. You may also want to bend the webbing as well, as this will surely add to the versatility of the glove.

Step 3:

Use either a five-pound dumbbell or a wooden glove mallet and pound at the pocket where the ball is going to be caught, with the glove off of your hand. This is when you may want to get competitive, as you’re essentially trying to craft a fold that was not there before.

Step 4:

Once the glove was thoroughly dried, use a high quality conditioner designed particularly for baseball gloves and rub it anywhere. Ideally, you are going to need to condition your equipment at least four times a season before setting it down during the off-season.

Creating an At-home Steamer

Our most preferred method of learning how to steam a baseball glove at home is to create your very own steamer with the use of a few items which you likely already have in your own kitchen.

Step 1:

Employing a licensed glove purifier, coating the whole exterior _surface of the glove and allow it to sit for several minutes so the oil or conditioner can be absorbed. You can then use a soft towel to wipe out any excess oil and then move to another step.

Step 2:

Boil a pot of water on your cooker and place an oven rack in addition to the pot, leaving the burner on _so the pot continues to boil. Set the inside of the glove down on the rack and then place a large bowl on top of the glove, and so all of the steam is trapped.

Allow the glove to take a seat in this position for up to five minutes, depending on how soft you want the leather to be.

Measure 3:

Eliminate the glove using tongs (since it will probably be very hot) and then wash it off with a towel. At this point, your baseball glove ought to feel much softer and be game-ready.

Final Thoughts

It’s simple enough to learn how to steam a baseball glove at home, particularly in case you’ve seen a professional do it before. Instead of not investing in your glove but also investing in professional cleaning providers, there are ways which you can work from the stuff at home at no cost.

No matter if you are not the type of person to use the microwave, or when you want something that will work quicker than wrap the glove around a baseball, those three DIY methods are easy for anybody to do at home.