Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove Review

As with any baseball glove, the principal intention of this Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove is to give your children the ability to play baseball safely; nonetheless, that’s not the only thing it offers.

With the combination of its great features (as mentioned below), your kids are going to have the ability to go through the sport in a brand-new way. There’s nothing like having a phenomenal glove that’s designed to move with you so that your glove feels as though it’s an extension of the body.

Who Is This Baseball Glove Meant For?

The Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove provides a dimension that is chiefly suggested for infielders, as an outfielder’s glove will be slightly larger. Nonetheless, depending on the type of glove that your child finds to be the most comfortable, it could double as a outfielder’s glove as well.

With that being _said, this glove surely is not designed for adults, if you don’t discover that your hand could fit right into an 11.5-inch glove. It doesn’t have a child-like design, and that’s what makes it flexible for anyone in the household with smaller hands.

In fact, it has one of the most traditional and attractive designs from the other gloves on the market.

You will also realize that you are very likely to love the Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove if you’re searching for a glove that is going to hold up over years of routine use. Compared to other gloves, the materials used to assemble this model help preserve its integrity and makes it easier for beginners and experienced gamers to get the maximum out of a match.

What’s Included?

Upon purchase, you are going to obtain the Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove that has a colour combination of brown and black, as well as imprinted using a white LS emblem. The product also comes with a one-year limited guarantee.

Overview of Features

The most Noteworthy features of This Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove include:

Performance Mesh

The performance mesh added into the glove makes it easier for the wearer to improve how they typically capture balls. You’ll find that once captured, balls are far less prone to pop out or become fumbled, which is exactly what makes it the perfect companion for infielders who must create split decisions.

Enhanced Buffalo Leather Exterior

The majority of the casing of this glove is made out of genuine Buffalo leather, which adds a rustic appeal, but offers enhanced performance. Due to the softness of the leather, your kids will find that it’s easier to split the glove in after a couple of times of wearing it.

In reality, they might even love the way in which the glove fits right from the box. Louisville Slugger really designed this glove to create it game-ready from day one, instead of needing to play to find the glove to fit comfortably.

Built to Be Durable

One more thing which you’re sure to notice about the Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove straight out of the box is that it’s designed to last over years of usage. The glove does provide a one-piece limited guarantee, but with its high-quality substances, you likely won’t need to be concerned about replacing the glove for two or more decades or longer.

How to Get the Most Out of It?

Amongst the biggest selling points of the baseball glove is that it comes game-ready right from the box, so you likely won’t need to break it in. However, there are steps that you’re going to need to take so as to make sure that the glove lasts quite a while. Although Buffalo leather is naturally incredibly soft and durable, over time, dirt and other elements may cause the leather to crack and deteriorate.

In reference to taking good care of the Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove, you’re going to want to be sure you use a very soft cloth or brush to eliminate debris after a game. The less dirt that is on the glove, the fresher the leather will be and the longer it is going to last.

If you would like to give it a clean, it is advised that you do not throw the glove in the washing machine. Rather, you are going to want to invest in a cleaning clay or mud designed for Buffalo leather and a damp cloth to remove tough grime. Lastly, make sure that you leave the glove to dry away from direct sun, since sunlight rays will also make the leather to crack and then wear down.


The main downfall to the Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove is the simple fact that a few players may find that the leather is too tender, which doesn’t provide a lot of protection to the wearer.

If that is something which concerns you, the Rawlings Select Guru Lite Youth Series Baseball Glove is a good alternative. It is offered in both right and left-handed versions, which makes it a lot easier to shop for any type of player.

What makes the Rawlings glove preferable is the fact that it is constructed out of pure leather (like the Louisville Slugger glove) but it also provides added padding. With the support of the finger and palm padding, your children are going to easily be able to catch any sort of ball without even dealing with the distress of fast strikes or pitches.


For a true baseball glove, the Louisville Slugger FG Genesis Baseball Glove is an superb glove for the children to get. Not only does one not have to think about spending time breaking up the glove, but in addition, it acts like it is an immediate extension of their body, which will make it more comfortable for them to work with frequently.

Made to withstand years of use prior to showing signs of wear and tear, it is a fantastic investment to create for novice and experienced players alike.

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